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Mottos for economists:

(1) "I have not seen any paper in Economics which deserves more than 15 pages (probably even 10)".

(2) "A paper in Economics which is not rejected should not be published".

(3) Q:Candidates for Phd in Econ. ask me: Why should we study at the Heb U. or NYU and not in Harvard?" A:

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Some Papers

The 11-20 Money Request Game:
A Level-k Reasoning Study,
with Ayala Arad. pdf

"Colonel Blotto's Top secret Files:
Multi-Dimensional Iterative Reasoning in Action"
with Ayala Arad. pdf

"Tracking decision makers under uncertainty"
with Amos Arieli and Yaniv Ben-Ami pdf

"Eliciting Welfare Preferences..."
with Yuval Salant.pdf

"On the Likelihood of Cyclic Comparisons"
with Uzi Segal. pdf

Some introspective papers

"Comments of NeuroEconomics"

Instinctive and Cognitive Reasoning: Response Times Study

"A Skeptic Comment on the Studies of Economics"

Freak-Freakonomics Heb Spanish

"Dilemmas of An Economic Theorist"

Models of Persuasion (Rosenthal's Lecture)

 Experiments: Didactic Website



"An Int. to the Economics of the Jungle"

 Studying Economics for 1st Degree? (Heb)



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Hide and Seek: An Episode from Numb3rs

Rani Spiegler's 35 Birthday

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I became 2065551.

One of the two is Israeli chief of staff,

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"Comments on Privatization"

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