Princeton University

Microeconomics Workshop

Fall 2000

Coordinators:   Faruk Gul and  Ariel Rubinstein
Thursdays, 2:30-4:00, Rm. 200, Fisher Hall   (see map)
Papers will be available outside of Rm. 208, Fisher Hall

Sept 21 Eric Maskin  (Advanced Studies, Princeton) "On the Robustness of Majority Rule"  (with Partha Dasgupta).
Sept 28 Dilip Abreu (Princeton) " Bargaining, Reputation and Equilibrium Selection in Repeated Games"
Oct 5 Wojciech Olszewski (Princeton) "Informal Communication".
Oct 12
Oct 19 Chris Harris (Cambridge) "Instantaneous Gratification", (with David Laibson).
Oct 26 Armando Gomes (Wharton, Penn) "A Theory of n-Player Negotiations and Formation of Coalitions"
Nov 9 David Laibson (Harvard) "Bounded Rationality and Directed Cognition"
Nov 16 Menachem Yaari (Hebrew University and Advanced Studies, Princeton) " A Credit Market ala David Hume"
Nov 30 Philippe Jehiel (UCL and Advanced Studies, Princeton) "License Auctions and Market Structure"

coauthored with Benny Moldovanu.

Dec 7 Ran Spiegler (Advanced Studies, Princeton) "Experimentation and Bargaining Dynamics"
Dec 14 Ian Gale (Georgetown) "Optimal Design of Research Contests" (withYeon-Koo Che).