Topics in Economic Theory, Spring-Summer 2000

Ariel Rubinstein


We have completed this year 17 meetings. I learnt a lot. I hope you did as well.

It is not clear if and when we will resume the seminar.

Have an enjoyable summer


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Dudi Dillenberger
Oren Drori
Kfir Eliaz
Uri Halperson
Yoram Hamo
Michal Ilan
Sigal Leviatan
Shai Nathaniel
Orit Ronen

Here are some (Tali, Uri, Sigal, Michal, Shai) of the particpants in the seminar in 1999-2000 in a typical position.

Future Topics
Number Topic Description References
1 The coase Theorem A critical discussion of this famous paper Economics and Philosophy October 1999.
2 Writing costs and Contract Incompleteness An attempt to embed BR into contract incompleteness Battigalli, P. and G. Maggi "Writing Costs and Contract Incompleteness"
3 Markets and Complexity A Model of Markets with complexity considerations. Sabourian, H. "Bargaining and Markets: complexity and the Walrasian outcome"
4 Inflation and Welfare Apresnetation of a major economic issue.  I look for a critical presentation. Lucas, R. Inflation and Wlefare, Econometrica, 68, 247-274.
5 Fair Queuing Moulin, H. and Stong, R. Fair Queuing and other Probablisitic Al;location Methods, Rice Univ April 2000

Previous talks this year:

Number Speaker Topic References
1 Rani Dynamic Voting Roberts, K: "Dynamic Voting in Clubs"
2-3 Yoram Entropy Neyman A. and D.Okada Repeated Games with Bounded Entropy
4 Tali Coase
5 Ariel Procedural Rat Equilibrium Games with Procedurally Rational Players, with M.Osborne, American Economic Review 88 (1998), 834-847.
6 Orit  (2/3) Logics and GT  Card games: H.P. van Ditmarsch, The logic of knowledge games: showing a card . In: Proceedings of the Netherlands/Belgium Conference on Artificial Intelligence (BNAIC 99), 35-42. Maastricht University 1999.

Friedman, D. (1998), Monty Hall's 3 doors:..."AER, 88, 933-946.

See (yoram's suggestion)

7 Uri (9/3) Self control in decision making Last year we read Gul ,F. and W.pesendorfer "Temptation and self Control"  and my suggestion for this year "Self control and the Theory of Consumption"
8 Kfir (16/3) His paper
9 Sigal (30/3) Newcomb Paradox Nozick, R. "Newcamb's Problem and two Principles of Choice".
10 Oren


Welfare and Time Caplin,A. and J.Leahy:

"The optimal suppression of Information"

11 Yoram


Logic and Games Johan van-Bentham  Lecture notes on Logic and Games
12 Dudi


Rany's unified proof of Arrow+Gibbard Reny, P.  "Arrow's Theorem and the Gibbard-Satterwhaite Theorem: A Unified Approach"
13 ariel


On the logic of argumentation in debates Glazer, K. and A.Rubinstein "Debates and Decisions, On a Rationale of Argumentation Rules"
14 Kfir (2/6) Arguments in debates Spiegler, Rani "Pro arguments, con arguements..."
15 Kfir


Incomplete contracts with costs Battigalli, P. and G. Maggi "Writing Costs and Contract Incompleteness".
16 Oren D.


Hyperbolic discounting "Golden Eggs and Hyperbolic Discounting" - David Laibson, QJE, 1997, 443-77. 
17 Michal


Economics and Reciprocity Fehr,E. and S.Gachter "Fairness and Retaliation: The Economics of Reciprocity"