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"The Univeristy of Cafes" (Yedioth Achronot, 2009)

"One fourth coffee, three
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(Yedioth Achronot, 2009)

Ariel Rubinstein (all photos: me)

A Worldwide Guide for Coffee Places where you can not only work but also think!

53 countries 195 Cities are already on the atlas. What about yours? Please- send me additional recommendations.


The Cafe poster.

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And now (June 12nd, 2014): The Cafe Atlas:

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For an academic material on Cafes see Sarah Amato's Site.

See a "scientific proof" that cafes is the right place to work...:)  and an article in NYTImes (2013)

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Argentina Austria Australia Belgium Bhutan Bosnia Brazil Canada Chile China Columbia Cyprus  Czech Republic

Denmark Egypt Estonia Finland France Germany Greece HK Hungary Iceland India Ireland Israel Italy

Japan Korea Mexico Morocco Nepal Netherlands New-Zealnd Nigerial Norway Peru Philippines Poland Portugal  Russia

Slovenia Slovakia Spain Sweden Switzerland Thailand Turkey UK Ukraine Uruguay USA  Vietnam



Country City Coffee Place Address Comments          =I checked and indeed it is great!

Argentina Buenos Aires La Biela Av. Quintana 596. Recoleta
  Rosario El Cairo Santa Fe 1102, Rosario Nomination: Max Marzetti
Australia Adelaide Felici Espresso Bar 261 Rundle street Nomination: Xue Zhang (Sookie)
  Brisbane Watersun Cafe (Yhe Belvedere Hotel) Cnr Woodcliffe Cr & Oxley Avenue, Woody Point, Brisbane Nomination: Louise Ryan
  Canberra City Valentino's Cafe Shop 11, Garema Pl, Bunda St
Nomination: Casey Quinn
  Sydney Le Petit Tarte 219 Glebe Point Rd.
Austria Vienna Cafe tour The capital of the world's cafes!! Cafe Hawelka   Dorotheergasse 6 My first cafe I have been ever! Closed on tue.
    Cafe Bräunerhof Stallburggasse 2
    Cafe Prückel A- 1010, Stubenring 24 Nomination: Natan Sznaider
    Cafe Alt Wien Bäckerstraße 9
    Café Kafka Capistrangasse 8 Nomination: Anja Sautmann
    Phil Gumpendorfer Str. 10-12, Nomination: Aizik Ashkenazi
    Cafe Sperl Gumpendorfer Straße 11 Nomination: Christian Krestel
    Cafe Ritter Ottakringerstrasse 117
    Cafe der provinz Maria Treu Gasse 3 Nomination: Michal Maimaran
    Café Engländer Postgasse 2 Nomination: Thomas Jungbauer
    Cafe Korb Brandstaette 9 Nomination: Johannes Boehm
Belgium Brussels Pain Quotidien, Cimetičre d’Ixelles. Boondaalsesteenweg 479 1050 Elsene
5-10 minutes walk from the Free University of Brussels'
Nomination: Steve Lawford
  Leuven Stuk Naamsestraat 96 Nomianted by Johannes Spinnewijn
    Boekencafe Schrijnmakersstraat 11 Nomianted by Johannes Spinnewijn (it was closed when I visted the Leuven....)
Bhutan Thimphu Ambient Café Norzin Lam Nomination: Thomas Stoerk
Bosnia and Herzegovina Sarajevo Buybook cafes
Radiceva 4 and Zelenih beretki 8 (BiH Art Gallery) Nomination: Jacob Remes
    Zlatna Ribica (Goldfish) Kaptol br. 5 Nomination: Igal sarna
Brazil Rio de Janeiro Armazem do Cafe Rua Maria Quiteria 77, Loja G Nomination: Ana Luiza Abrăo Roriz
    Rubro Cafe
Rua da Quitanda, 191 Nomination: Ana Luiza Abrăo Roriz
  San-Paulo Cafe Suplicy Alameda Lorena, 1430 - Sao Paulo - SP Nomination: Ana Luiza Abrăo Roriz
    Santo Grao Rua Oscar Freire, 413 - Sao Paulo - SP Nomination: Ana Luiza Abrăo Roriz
    Octavio Cafe Av. Brigadeiro Faria Lima, 2996 Nomination: Ana Luiza Abrăo Roriz
    Rubro cafe
Rua da Quitanda, 191 - Centro Nomination: Ana Luiza Abrăo Roriz
Canada Kingston Coffee Eco 344 Johnson St. Nomination: Marie-Louise Vierř
    The Sleepless Goat Cafe 91 Princess Street, Kingston Nomianted by Ori Heffetz
  Lethbridge (Alberta) The Round Street Cafe 427 Fifth St S Nomination: Jennifer Davis
  Montreal le Cagibi 5490 St. Laurent Nomination: Eleni Panagiotarakou
    EM Café 5718, av du Parc
    Café Aunja 1448 Rue Sherbrooke Ouest
    Cafe les entretiens 1577 rue Laurier Est  2012: Removed
  Sackvile (Mount Allison) Bridge Street Cafe 10 Bridge Street, Sackville, Canada Nominated  by Matthew Chiasson
  Toronto   Tequila Bookworm 512 Queen St. W The old location
    Manic Coffee 426 College Nomination: Joanne Roberts
    R2 668 Queen St.
    The Tampered Press 256 Crawford Street
    Jet Fuel 519 Parliament St.(cabbagetown) Nomination: Sean Horan
  Vancouver WE coffee 1696 Robson St. Nomination: Ayala Arad
    The Boulevard Coffee Roasting Co. 5970 Univeristy Boulevard Nomination: Dotan Persitz
    The Original Beanery 2706 Fairview Crescent Nomination: Dotan Persitz
    The Old Barn Bean Around the World 6308 Thunderbird Blvd Nomination: Dotan Persitz
    Milano Coffee Roasters 156 West 8th Ave Nomination: Tristram Waye
  Victoria Cafe Cantabria 1301 Gladstone Ave Nomination: Robin Stevenson
Chile Concepcion Cafe Cantabria 451 Caupolican Nomination: Martin Carrasco
    Portal Rometsch Cumbres de Andalué, San Pedro de la Paz Nomination: Martin Carrasco
  Santiego Cafe Tales
Concha y Toro 39 Nomination: Jose Gerardo Fernandez
China Beijing Xiao Xin's Cafe   103 Nanluoguxiang, Dongcheng district The best in my opinion. Thanks to Yermi Brener
    Thinker's Cafe/All Sages Bookstore 123 Lanqiying, Chengfu Lu, Haidian DistrictOutside the east gate of Beijing U. Thanks to Ed Green for this nomination.
    Sculpting In Time (Diaoke Shiguang) 7 Weigongcun Lu, south gate of Beijing Institute of Technology, Haidian District Recommnded by Sebastian Bauhoff
  Guangzhou Wing Kwong Hall Sun Yat-Sen University, South Lawn Nomination: Dong Quan
  Nanjing Sculpting in Time (Diao Ke Shi Guang) 2nd Floor, #47 Hankou Road, Gulou District, Nanjing Nomination: Jerry Xu
Colombia Bogotoa La Castaña Calle 57 # 5-17
Nomination: Gabriela Gutiérrez Almanzar
    La Chocolatera Carrera 4A # 26-12 Nomination: Gabriela Gutiérrez Almanzar
    La Bagatelle Calle 82 # 9-09 Nomination: Gabriela Gutiérrez Almanzar
  Yarumal Mi Son near the church Nomination: Steve Lawford
Cyprus Nicosia Hurricane Nikokleous 7
Czech Republic Prague Cafe No. 1 ulice 28. ríjna 9 Andreas Ortmann's recommendations
Tynska Literarni Kavarna Tynska 6
Cafe Meduza Belgicka 17 Nomination: Tal Einhorn
    Ouky Douky Coffee Janovskeho 14 Nomination: Paul Dovener
    Cafe Louvre Národní 22 Nomination: Siddhartha Aror
Denmak Aarhus La Cabra Coffee Roasters Graven 20 Nomination: Heidi Christina Thysen
  Copenhagen Sabines Cafetceria 4 Teglagardsstraede
    Paludan Bogcafe
Fiolstraede 10-12 Nomination: Volker Hubert-Köster
Egypt Cairo Simonds 130 26th July St., Zamalek
Nomination: Bettina von der Way
Estonia Tallinn Cafe Kehrwieder in Apollo Bookstore, Viru 23
Nomination: Michiru Nagatsu
Finland Helsinki Café Engel
Aleksanterinkatu 2
Nomination: Hannu Vartiainen
Café Ekberg
Bulevardi 9
France Grenoble French Coffee Shop
3 Place Claveyso Nomination: Michal Urdanivia
    Pain et Compagnie 1 Bis Rue Lafayette Nomination: Michal Urdanivia
  Excelsior 50 rue Henri Poincaré Nomination: Hans van Ditmarsch
  Paris Cave La Bourgogne 144 rue Mouffeard
    Cafe Lea 5 rue Claude Bernard
    Les Philosophes 28 rue Vieille-du-Temple
    L'Ecritoire Cafe 3 Place de La Sourbonne
    Cafe Le Rostand Place edmond Rostand
    Cafe Creme 4 Rue Dupetit-Thouars Nomination: Guillaume Chevillon
    La Fourmi
4 Rue des Martyrs Nomination: Michal Urdanivia
  Toulouse Terra Nova Librairie/Cafe 18 rue Gambetta Nomination: Alex White "about 15 minutes walk from the department. Also sells a wide selection of books...allow you to kill two birds of cultural assimilation with one stone."
Germany Aachen Cafe Kittel Pontstr. 39 Nomination: Christian Buecken
  Bayreuth Café Kraftraum Sophienstr. 16 Nomination: Alexander Wulfers.
  Berlin St. Oberholz  
Rosenthaler Straße 72a My favorite, 2010
    Gasthaus Lentz     Stuttgarter Platz 20
Nomination: Michael Ehret My favorote 2012
    Luxemburg Rosa-Luxemburg-Str. 30
    Sowohlalsauch    Kollwitzstraße 88 (East) Nomination: Timo Ehrig; Downgraded 2012
    Cafe Einstein   Kurfürstenstraße 58 Thanks to Hillel Ben Sasson; Downgraded 2012
    Cafe Savigny Grolmanstr. 53
Nomination: Natan Sznaider
    Cafe Manzini Ludwigkirchstraße 11 Nomianted by Avner Shaked
    Cafe - Literaturhaus
Fasanenstraße 23
D-10719 Berlin-Charlottenburg
Nomination: Natan Sznaider and Avner Shaked; Downgraded 2012
    Cafe Bilderbuch
Akazienstraße 28 Scheneberg Nomination: Natan Sznaider
    Laidak Boddinstr. 42 Nomination: Aizik Ashkenazi
  Cologne Cafe Elefant Weißenburgstr 50 Nomination: Sebastian Rothe
    Rosenrot Turmstr. 4 Recommended by Nina Klee
  Darmstadt Cafe Lotte Soderstr. 116, Gordana Pavicic-Hrgovan Nomination: Michael Ludwig
  Dresden Raskolnikov Bolmisch 34 Nomianted by Benny Gleitman
  Freiburg Coffee Factory Habsburgerstraße 110 
Nomination: Katharina Best
  Göttingen Escape
Gutenbergstraße 33, 37075 Nomination: Gabriela Gutiérrez Almanzar
    Maria – Kaffee & Brot

Weender Straße 87 Nomination: Gabriela Gutiérrez Almanzar
    Cron und Lanz

Weender Straße 25 Nomination: Dirk Hähnel
    Café Botanik

Untere Karspüle 1B Nomination: Dirk Hähnel

  Hamburg Mathilde, Literatur und Cafe Bogenstraße 5
    Cafe Leonar Grindelhof 59
Nomination: Benny Gleitman
    Unter den Linden Juliusstraße 16 Nomination: Erminia Viccaro
  Heidelberg Cafe Burkardt Friedrich-Ebert-Geburtshaus on Untere straße
    Café Schiller's
Heiliggeiststraße 5 Nomination: Davide Cantoni
    Mildner's Bergheimer Straße 81a Nomination: Christiane Schwieren
    Coffee Nerd Rohrbacher Straße 9 Nomination: Christiane Schwieren
  Jena Cafe Lieders Jenergasse 2 Nomination: Jens Kubieziel
  Konstanz Café Voglhaus Wessenbergstr. 8 Nomination: Sven Resnjanskij
  Mannheim Kombüse Mannheim Jungbuschstraße 23
Nomination: Inken Töwe
  Munich Café Altschwabing Schellingstr. 56 80799 Nominated  by Klaus Schmidt
    Kaffee, Espresso and Barista Schlorstrasse 11 Nominated  by Charly Pützfeld
    Bar Centrale Ledererstraße 23 Nominated  by Charly Pützfeld
    Ruffini Orffstr. 22-24
Nominated  by Charly Pützfeld
    Blaues Haus Hildegardstr. 1 Monimated by C A Barth: "you can write a whole book or a thesis there (and there's people who've done it!)"
    Cafe Frenzy
Frauenhoferstraße 20 Nomination: Edward M. Stadum
    Hungriges Herz
Frauenhoferstr. 42 Nomination: Edward M. Stadum
    Konditorei Schneller Amalienstrasse 59 Nomination: Davide Cantoni
    Kiki Schusstrasse 34 Nominated  by Charly Pützfeld
    Dudok Meent 88 Nomination: Yuan Ju
  Regensburg Caffe Rinaldi Alte Kornmarkt 3a Nomination: Florian Rottke
  Stuttgart Schlossgarten-Cafe Schlossgarten-Hotel Nomination: Ruah Morrigan
    Forum 3, Gymansiumstraße Nomination: Ruah Morrigan
348A Crown St, Surry Hills Nomination: Andreas Ortmann
Greece Patras Si Doux Patreos 13-15 Nomination: Sotiris Christopoulos
Hong-Kong Hong Kong The People's Bookstore 1/F. 18 Russell Street, Causeway Bay
Nomination: Tanjim Hossain.
Hungary Budapest Central Kavehaz Budapest 1053, Károlyi Mihály utca 9 Nomination: Botond Koszegi
    Gerloczy Kavehaz Budapest 1052, Gerlóczy utca 1 Nomination: Botond Koszegi
    Szimpla Cafe Budapest 1073, Kertész utca 48 Nomination: Daniel Prinz
    Cafe Farger Budapest 1054, Zoltán utca 18 Nomination: Botond Koszegi
Icelnad Reykjavik Cafe Mokka Skolavoroustig 3A
    Kaffi Hljomalind Laugavegur 21 non-profit Café
India Chennai Amethyst
Whites Road, next to Corporation Bank, Royapettah Nomiantion: Rajesh Vijayaraghavan
    Anokhi - Chamiers Café

New # 106, Old # 79, Chamiers Road

Nomination: Rajesh Vijayaraghavan
  Delhi Costa Coffee

Shop No. 52 A, 61, Near Petrol Pump Munirka Marg, Basant Lok, Vasant Vihar

Nomination: Saptarshi Mukherjee
  Kolkata College Street Coffee House Besides Presidency College Nomination: Debkumar De. See wikipedia on the cafe
  Mumbai Kyani & Co 657, Jer Mahal Estate, Dhobi Talao Nominated  by Sabyasachi Das
Ireland Dublin Fumbally Fumbally Lane
Nomiantion: Anna Abratis
    3fe 32 Grand Canal Street Lower
Nomiantion: Jonathan Smiles
Israel Beer-Sheba Ashan Hazman 12 Anilevitz Recommended by The Marker.
  Jerusalem Kalo 31 Beit Lechem Rd.
    Nocturno Bezalel 7
    Austrian Hospice via dolorosa 37 Little Austria in Damescus Gate.  Thanks to my friend Avi Margalit  for reminding me.
    Tmol Shilshom
Salomon 5
    Taamon King George 27
    Cafe Smadar 4, Loid Geroge Removed 2013
    Mizrachi 12 Shezif St Machne yehuda Removed 2012
  Kfar Saba Cafe Hamidrehov Hakarmel 16 Nomination: Kfir Eliaz
  Rehovot (Weizmann Institute) The Wix cafe Herzel st Nomination: Or Zuk
  Tel Aviv Cafe Tamar (photo:Yuval Rubinstein 2002) Sheinkin St./Echad Haam (photo:  Ronit Antler 2004); Yinon Cohen's photo The birthplace of the "absent minded driver"  
    Cafe Bar Yochai Bar Yochai 7
    Tolaat Sfarim Rabin Sq. my son Yuval   
    Tolaat Sfarim Mazeh 7   
    Beta 17 Brodezki
    Booke 37 Yehuda HaMaccabi Nomination: Benjamin Bachi
    Streets Dizingoff 302. Between Jeremiah and Ezekiel
    Streets 2 Haneviim
    Lunz 13 Lunz
    Shneur 20 Pinsker
    Nini 109 Yehudah Halevy
    Booke (ahad haam) 93 Achad Haam
    Ahat Haam 55 Ahad Ha’am
    Nechama VaHetzi 144 Ahad Ha'am St. (Habima Square)
    Yafa Yhuda Marguza (corner yefet), Jaffa Bookstore and coffee place: a meeting place for jews and arabs.
Italy Florence Le Giubbe Rosse Piazza della Repubblica 13 Nomianted by Alon Confino
  Milan Pavè Via Felice Casati
Nomination: Luca Citino
Corso Lodi, 37
Nomination: Luca Citino
    Upcycle via A.M. Ampère, 59, Milan, Italy
Nomination: Luca Citino
  Naples Caffè Gambrinus Via Chiaia 1/2
Nomination: Joe Jackson
    Intra Moena Piazza Vincenzo Bellini 70
Nomination: Joe Jackson
  Pisa Caffe' Dell'Ussero
Lungarno Antonio Pacinotti, 27
  Rome Gusto
Fandango Cafe
Piazza Augusto Imperatore 9
Piazza di Pietra 32/33
Nomination: Corrado Pasquali
  Trento Pasticceria Caffetteria Viennese Corso 3 Novembre 2 Nomination: Andreas Ortmann
    Caffé Duomo Via Verdi 40 See Ortmann's top 10 list for Trento's cafes
  Trieste Caffe San Marco via Battisti 18 Nomination: Roberto Burguet following the book Microcosmi, by Claudio Magris
  Turin Cafe Lumiere Corso Vittorio Emanuele 35/C Nomination: Sophie Bade
    Caffe Mulassano
Piazza Castello, 15 Turin is a great city for cafes. This time I was attarcted by a different style than usual. Caffe Mulassano is my winner
    Cafe Elena Piazza Vittorio Veneto, 5 Nomination: Steiner Strom
    Il Circolo dei Lettori via Giambattista Bogino 9 Nomination: Marco Pelosi
  Venice Café Noir Dorsoduro 3805 Nomination: Leonie Baumann
Japan Kyoto Ueshima Coffee Teramachi Shopping Arcade, South of Kyoto Shiyakusho-mae subway station. Nomination: Jesse D Sloane
  Tokyo Pause Cafe (Ikebukuro)   Nomination: Joseph Reisinger
    Factory (Aoyama)
  Nomination: Joseph Reisinger

On The Corner (Shibuya)

  Nomination: Joseph Reisinger
Korea Seoul Wisdom of a Rabbit
41-10 Jamwon-dong, Seocho-gu Nomination: SukJoon Son
    Caffe Comma
155-217, DONG-GYO dong, Mapo-gu Nomination: Leonie Baumann
Anam-dong, Sungbuk-gu, Near Korea University Nomination: In-Koo Cho
Mexico Mexico City Cafe la Habana
Morelos 62 (corner w/ Bucareli), near the Paseo de la Reforma All nominations in Mexico city, thanks to Andrei Gomberg. The Cafe is where Castro and Che Guevara met to plan the revolution. Certainly a place where one can think...
    Village Cafe Amaulipas 99 Condesa
Centro Cultural La Bella Epoca
    Centro Cultural La Bella Epoca Tamaulipas 202 (corner w/ Benjamin Hill)
    Cafe Picasso Francisco Sosa (corner w/
Plaza Santa Catarina) Barrio Santa Catarina, Coyoacan
    Cafe El Jarocho Cuauhtemoc 134-E,F,G, corner w/ Allende, Colonia del Carmen Coyoacan
Morocco Marrakech Cafe Arabe
Rue Mouassine 184 Nomination: Diane Rice
Nepal Katmandu Newa de Cafe'
Chakshibari Marg St. next to the 'Kathmandu Guest House' Nomination: Vincent Froese
Netherlands Amsterdam Cafe De Jaren Nieuwe Doelenstraat 20 see also and
    Cafe de Engelbewaarder Kloveniersburgwal 59HS
    Cafe de Pels Huidenstraat 25-3
    Kriterion Roetersstraat 170
    Cafe Krull Sarphatipark 2 Nomination: Amazia Ido
    De Balie Kleine Gartmanplantsoen 10 Nomination: Rick van der Ploeg
    Café Krull Sarphatipark 2 Nomination: Amazia Ido
  Leiden Suppiershuysinghe Gerecht 2 Nomination: Thomas Brouwer
    Burgerzaken Breestraat 123 Nomination: Thomas Brouwer
  Rotterdam Gran Cafe Westerpaviljoen Nieuwe Binnenweg 136
    Proef Mariniersweg 259
    Dikt Hoogstraat 110
    Cafe Dudok Meent 88 Nomination: Rick van der Ploeg
  Utrecht Brasserie Domplein Domplein 20, 3512 JD Nomination: Markus Heydenreich
    Douwe Egberts Cafe Korte Jansstraat 17-19
    Broers Janskerkhof 9
New Zeland Christdchurch Cafe 101 University of Canterbury Nomination: Uryia Dolev
  Wellington Gotham 50 Victoria Street Nomination: Diane Coyle
Nigeria Abuja Salamander Cafe


5, Bujumbura St. Off Libreville, WUSE 2 Nomination: Uriel Palti
Norway Bergen Kaffemisjonen

Vetrlidsalmenning Nomination: Hans Krogh Hvid
    Kafe Aura Marken Nomination: Hans Krogh Hvid
Jon Lunds Plass Nomination: Hans Krogh Hvid
  Oslo Tehuset Lille Grensen

Karl Johans gate 25 Nomination: Steiner Strom
    Espresso Hous Nordre gate 18 Nomination: Adi karni
Peru Lima Cafe Z Bajada Balta in the Miraflores district Nomination: Mark Kennet
Philippines Manila Figaro Congressional Northridge Plaza Congressional Av. Nomination: Ruth Francisco
Poland Krakow Cheder Cafè ul. Jòzefa 36 Nomination: Sarah Selbmann
    Satori Józefa 25
    Alchemia Estery 5
  Poznan Pozegnanie z Afryka - Pijalnia kawy ul. Fredry 1 (wejscie od ul. Gwarnej)
Nomination: Sarah Selbmann

Kawiarnia U Przyjaciól

Mielzynskiego 27/29
Nomination: Monika Wasik
  Warsaw Czuly Barbarzynca ul. Dobra 31 near the univeristy
Portugal Lisbon CCB CCB (Centro Cultural de Bel?m) Nomination: Vanda Regina Almeida
Russia Moscow Coffee Mania Bolshaya Nikitskaya st., 13
Moscow Conservatory Building
  St. Petersburg The Idiot nab. reky Moiky 82 Nomination: Sotiris Christopoulos
Slovakia Bratislava Espresso u Ruze Biela 2 Thanks to Pavol Brunovsky
    Divan Panska 9
Slovenia Ljubljana Cajna Hisa Pod Velbom Stari Trg 3, Ljubljana Nomination: Jernej Copic.
Spain Barcelona Granja Petit Bo


Passeig Sant Joan 82
Nomination: Francesco Cerigioni
    Cosmo Carrer Enric Granados 3 Nomination: Francesco Cerigioni
    Laie Pau Claris 85 Nomination: Joachim Voth
    La Central del Raval Elisabets, 6. Nomnation: Guillaume Haeringer
  Bilbao Café Iruña Berastegui Kalea, 4
  Granada Cafe Bohemia
Plaza de los lobos 11 Nomination: Isabel Melguizo López
  Madrid Cafe de Ruiz Calle de Ruiz, 11 Nomination: David Tiera
    Cafe Gijon Paseo de Recoletos 21 (2009: I remove my recommendation)
  Pamplona Cafe Iruna Plaza del Castillo Nominated  by Mikel Berdudy
  Sevilla Café de la Prensa
Calle Betis 5, Sevilla Nomination: Nicolas Ibanez
  Zaragoza Gran Cafe de Zaragoza Calle de Alfonso I, 25 Nomination: Natan Sznaider
Sweden Helsingborg Wayne's Coffee Helsingborg Stortorget 8 Nomination: Philipp Wichardt
Café Succes Korkeavuorenkatu 2
  Stockholm Sturekatten Riddargatan 4
    Cafe Vetekatten Kungsgatan 55
    Cafe Saturnus Eriksbergsgatan 6 Nomination: Alberto Vesperoni. My favorite 2013.
Switzerland Bazel Unternehmen: Mitte Gerbergasse 30
Nminated by Gilad Jacobson.
  Fribourg Café du Belvédčre Grand-Rue 36
Nomination: Simon Lapointe
  Geneve Café du Soleil Place du Petit-Saconnex 6 Nomination: Christophe Kuenzler
    Café Remor Place du Cirque 3
Nomination: Christophe Kuenzler
    Le CALM Rue Ancienne 36, Carouge Nomination: Cynthia Balli
  Lausanne Cafe de Grancy Av. du Rond-Point 1 Nomination: Bettina-Elisabeth Klaus
  St. Gallen Kaffeehaus Linsebühlstrasse 77 Nomination: Jana Gallus
  Zurich KafiSchnaps Kornhausstrasse 57 Nomination: Maria Saez-Marti
    Cafe Voltaire
Spiegelgasse 1
    Cafe Lang Limmatplatz 7 Nomination: Jana Gallus
Thailand Bangkok Agalico 20, Bunchirathon, 1st Floor, Soi Sukhumvit 51, Sukhumvit Road, Khlong Tan Nuea, Khet Watthana An amazing place. Open Fr-Sat-Sat 10AM-6PM
Turkey Istanbul Falls in Galata

Kumbaraci Yokusu 2, Corner of Luleci Hendek Cd.

The best 2012
    Polka Cafe Moda cad.Zuhal Sok.no:14/c (bim market karuu kuuesi) Nomination: Ayse Mumcu
    Mavra Cafe Serdar-i Ekrem Caddesi No. 31/A Galata Nomination: Ayse Mumcu
    Babel Cafe Turnacibasi Caddesi No: 56
Çukurcuma-Beyoglu Istanbul
Nomination: Deniz Selman
    Ufak Tefek Seyler Turnacibasi Caddesi No: 44/B
Nomination: Deniz Selman
    Urban Cafe Kartal Sokak 6/A, Galatasaray
    Cafe Smyrna Akarsu Caddesi, No. 29, Cihangir
Thanks to Fikret Adaman, David Katz and Ayse Mumcu.
    Gölge Kahve Asmali Mescit Mah, Olivya Geçidi 7/C Beyoglu
Nomination: Deniz Selman
    Bebek Kahve 13 Cevdet Pasa Caddesi , Bebek. Nomination: Merve Akbas
UK Belfast Common Grounds Cafe 12-24 University Avenue Nomination: Peter Garland
  Bristol Boston Tea Party 75 Park St. Nomination: David Leslie
    the Edge 199 Wayland Av. see also
  Cambridge MichaelHouse St Michael's Church, Trinity St, City Centre
    CB2 5/7, Norfolk St Nomination: Morgan Sonderegger
  Edinburgh Artisan Roast Victoria St. Nomination: Eran Yashiv
    The Tree House 44 Leven Street Nomination: David Dillenberger
  Exeter The Plant Cafe 1 Cathedral Yard
  Lemington Spa (Warwick Univ.) Gusto Ricco 65 Regent St. Nomination: Edi Karni
  London Bush Theatre Cafe 5 Uxbridge Rd. (Shepherd's Bush) My favorite in London!

Nomination: Gilat Levy

    Kitchen and Pantry 14 Elgin Cresceint (# with kensington Park Rd) W11
    Fork 85 Marchmont Street
    Goswell Road Street Coffee 160-4 Goswell Road Nomination: Francesco Nava
    Look Mum No Hands 49 Old St. Nomination: Francesco Nava
    Yumchaa 9/11 Tottenham Street Nomination: Friedrich Geiecke
    Candid Cafe 3 Torrens St.  
    Barber and Parlour 64-66 Redchurch Street Nomination: Nick Baigent
    Poetry Cafe 22 Betterton St. Covent Garden Nomination: Andre Harris
    Cafe At Foyles 113-119 Charing Cross Road Nomination: Miguel Fonseca
    Prufrock Coffee 23-25 Leather Ln, Nomination: Raymond Fisman
    FreeState coffee 23 Southampton Row
Nomination: Gilat Levy
    The Proud Archivist 2-10 Hertford Road Nomination: Francesco Nava
    Firebox 108 Cromer St - WC1H Camden Town

 Nomination: Rick van der Ploeg

    Primrose Patisserie 136 Regent's Park Road, Camden, NW1 Picture was copied by TimeOut Tel Aviv
  Oxford Zappi's Bike Cafe 28-32 St. Michaels Street Nomination: Ian Jewitt
    Turl St. Kitchen 16-17 Turl St. Nomination: Ian Jewitt
    The Missing Bean 14 Turl St. Nomination: Jorgen Weibull
    Freud Cafe Walton Street, OX1 Nominated  by Nick Wedd (out of the list 2012)
  St. Andrews (Scotland) Tasty Taste 148 North St.
  York Café Concerto 21 High Petergate Nomination: Steve Lawford
    Circles Cafe Lendal Bridge Nomination: Yuan Ju
Ukraine Kiev Kupidon Pushkinska str. 1-3/5 Nomination: Yegor Samusenko
    Antresol Shevchenko bul. 2 Nomination: Mylovanov and Andriy Zapechelnyuk.
Uruguay Montevideo Cafe Brasilero Ituzaingo 1447 - Ciudad Vieja Nomination: Leandro Zipitria
USA Amherst Raos Coffee
17 Kellogg Ave
Thanks to Bob Pollin
    Amherst Coffee 28 Amity St
  Ann-Arbor (U. of Michigan) Songbird Cafe
2707 Plymouth Road Nomination: Ben Meiselman
    Zingerman 422 Detroit St. Nomination: Kfir Eliaz
    Mighty Good Coffee 217 N Main St. Nomination: Kfir Eliaz
  Atlanta Dancing Goats 650 North Avenue Northeast Nomination: Jonathan Smile
  Austin (U. of Texas) Cafe Medici 2222B Guadalupe St. Nomination: Amir Barnea
    Quack's 411 E. 43rd Street Nomination: Joe Jackson
  Baltimore (Johns Hopkins University Carma's Cafe 32st and St. Paul Thanks to Laura McCandlish for recommending the place.
    Crepes 18/1 Sukhumvit Soi 12   the only disadvantage ... the mosquitos
    La Cuna Mediencaf Feldbergstrasse 70
Nminated by Gilad Jacobson.
  Bennigton Upstairs Cafe 1 College Dr.
Nomination: Scott Wyman Neagle
  Berkeley Brewed Awakening      1807 Euclid Av. Recommended made by Shachar Kariv
    Yali's Cafe 1920 Oxford St.  Nomination: Ayala Arad
    Philz Coffee 1600 Shattuck Av.
 Nomination: Ayala Arad
    Berkeley's Espresso 1900 Shattuck Av.  Nomination: Ayala Arad
    PiQ 91 Shattuck Av.  Nomination: Ayala Arad
    Sack's Coffee House 2701 College Av.
  Bet Lehem (PA) Johnny's Bagels & Deli 472 Main St. Nomination: Casey Quinn:"Nice mix of students from
Lehigh University as well as Moravian college, and whomever of the local professional/etc. crowd come by for coffee."
  Boston (MA) Pavement Coffee 736 Commonwealth Ave.

 Replacing Espresso Royale Caffe   

Nomination: Raymond Fisman

  Boulder (CO) The Boulder Book Store 1107 Pearl Street Nomination: Shani Katz Gershoni
  Camden (ME) Zoot Coffee 31 Elm Street Nomination: Rajes Vijayaraghavan
  Cambridge (MA)



148 Mount Auburn St Nomination: Nurit Lissovsky
    Darwin's 1629 Cambridge st Nomiantion: Nir Hak
    Diesel Cafe Elm St. in Somerville (Davis
Nomination: Peter Spiegler
    Bloc 11 11 Bow St. (Union Sq.) Somerville Nomination: Sean Horan
    Sherman Cafe 257 Washington St. (Union Square), Somerville Nomination: Chase Harrison
    The Atomic Bean Cafe 904 Massachusetts Ave Nomination: Or Zuk
    Area 4 Kendall Square,500 Technology Square Nomination: Alex Teytelboym
    Tatte Bakery & Caffe 318 3rd St
Nomination: Alex Teytelboym
        removed: Voltage Coffee and Art, Cafe Crema, Peet's Coffee & Tea Inc., Hi-Rise Bakery 1369 Coffee House
  Chapell Hill (NC) Caffe Driade 1215-A E Franklin St, Chapel Hill
Nomination: Chi-Hung Liao
    The Open Eye Cafe
101 South Greensboro St. Carrboro Nomination: Jesse D Sloane
  Charleston (SC) City Lights Coffee 141 Market St Nomination: Amir Barnea
  Charlottesville (VA) Mudhouse Coffee 213 W. Main St. Nomination: Ariell Reshef
  Chicago Reynolds Club Cafe 5706 S University Ave, Univeristy of Chicago A sort of cafetery but I have a good from the place in 1988.
    Filter Cafe 1373-75 N Milwaukee Ave (in his previous location )
    Bridgeport Coffee Company 3101 S Morgan Nomination: Morgan Sonderegger
    Classics Cafe 1010 E 59th St
Nomination: Morgan Sonderegger
    Noble Tree 2444 N Clark Nomination: Morgan Sonderegger
    Metropolis 1039 W Granville Nomination: Nicole Immorlica
    Bourgeois Pig Cafe 738 Fullerton Pkwy Nomination: Richard Jordan
    Dollop Coffee & tea co.
4181 N.Clerendon Nomination: Richard Jordan
    Intelligentsia Broadway Coffee Bar
3123 North Broadway Nomination: Thomas Jungbauer
    Art Gallery Kafe 1907 N. Milwaukee Ave, Chicago
    Plein Air 5751 S. Woodlawn Ave. Nomination: Anat Schechtman
  Chico (California State-Chico) Upper Crust Bakery
130 Main Street Nomination: bankruptcy expert Jack Ayer. See his blog.
  Colombia (University of Missouri) Coffee Zone 11 N 9th St. Thanks to Emek Basker
  Colombus (Ohio) Mean Bean 2 N Sandusky St, Delaware (near Ohio Wesleyan University) Nomnation: Plamen Nikolov
    Cup O'Joe German Village, 627 S 3rd St
Thanks to Dan Levin
  Decatur (GA) (Emory University)
Java Monkey 425 Church Street Nomnation: Jonathan Smiles
  Denver Tattered Cover Book Store 1628 16th Street @ Wynkoop Nomnation: Shani Katz Gershoni
  Easton (PA) (Lafayette College) Cosmic Cup 520 March St. Nomnation: Edward N. Gamber
  Evanston (Northwestern) Coffee Lab 922 Noyes Stţ
    Cafe Mud   1936 Maple Av., Evanston Thanks to Jeff Ely.
  Houston (Rice) Croissant Brioche 2435 Rice Bld.  Houston Nomination: Zvi Safra
  Iowa CafeteriaPrairie Lights Books and Cafe
15 S. Dubuque St. Iowa City Nomination: Ed green
    Java House
211 E Washington St Nomination: Raymond Riezman
    Karabatak Karakuy Kemankeu Kara Mustafa Paua Mah. Kara Ali Kaptan Sok. No. 7, Karakuy Beyoulu Nomination: Ayse Mumcu
  Ithaca (Cornell) Gimme! Coffee   430 N Cayuga St
Thanks to Ori Heffetz
    Stella's Cafe 403 College Avenue
Thanks to Ori Heffetz
    The Shop

312 East Seneca st

Nomination: Ori Heffetz
  Kansas City Hard Bean Cafe 801 Main St, Grandview (a suburb to Kansas City). Nomination: Juergen Kramer
  Las-Vegas Sunrise Coffee 3130 E. Sunset Nomination: Lior Cohen
  Los Angeles Cafe Om 7962 Fountain Avenue, West Hollywood Nomianted by Yael Sharvit
    Commissary 801 N Fairfax Ave, West Hollywood Nomianted by Yael Shavit
    Coffee Cantata 2900 E Colorado Blvd, Pasadena Nomination: Katrina Ligett and Ori Heffetz
    Barclays Coffee 8976 Tampa Ave. Northridge. Nomination: Lior Cohen
    Coffee Bar 600 S. Spring st. Nomination: Ori Heffetz
    Zona Rosa 15 South El Molino Av. Pasadena Nomination: Ori Heffetz
    Funnel Mill 930 Broadway, Santa Monica Nomination: Ilan Morgenstern
    Bean Town 45 N Waldwin, Sierra Madra Nomination: Muruvvet Buyukboyaci
    Caffe Luxxe
925 Montana Avenue, Santa-Monica
Nomination: Amir Barnea
    Rockpaper Coffee
7509 W Sunset Blvd
Nomination: Yael Sharvit
  Madison (Wisconsin) Mother Fools 1101 Williamson St.. Nomination: Jacob Remes
    Johnson Public House
908 E. Johnson St. Nomination: Anat Shechtman
    Bradbury's 127 N. Hamilton St. Nomination: Anat Shechtman
  Middlebury (VT) Carol's Hungry Mind Cafe 24 Merchants Row
  Minneapolis Espresso Royale 411 14th Avenue, Dinkytown Nomination: Roberto Piazza
  Nashville Fido Café 1812 21st ave South
    J-J's Coffee and Market
1912 Broadway Nominated  by Caleb Stroup
  New Haven (Yale) Koffee? 104 Audubon St, New Haven Nomination: Jacob Remes
    Book Traders
1140 Chapel St, New Haven Nomination: Jacob Remes
    Atticus Book Store-Cafe
1082 Chapel St Nomination: Tzachi Gilboa (A real good (not like me) coffee lover).
  New York - Manhatten Pecan 130 Franklin (#W.Broadway)
    Whynot 175 Orchard (Lowere East Side)
    VBar and Cafe 225 Sullivan St. My favorite for 2009
    Think Coffee 248 Mercer Close to be deleted from the list. Unbearably noisy
    Housing Works 126 Crosby The re-discovery of Winter 2008
    Grounded 28 Jane St (between 4th St & Greenwich Ave)
    SNice 45 8th Ave, @ W 4th St
    The Hungarian Cafe 1030 Amsterdam (corner 110 st)  see In the Cafe? by Julie Otsuka   
    71 Irving Place Coffee & Tea Bar 71 Irving Place
    Taszo Espesson Bar 5 Edward Morgan Pl, Washington Heights (Broadway and 157) Nomination: Bejamin Bachi
    East Harlem 1651 Lexington Av. Nomination: Bejamin Bachi
    Effy's Cafe 1638 3rd Avenue, (b/w 91st & 92nd St)
Nomination: Bejamin Bachi
    Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream 48 1/2 E 7th St
Nomination: Bejamin Bachi
    Doma 17 Perry St (corner with 7th Av) March 2012: The place is closed! How sad!!!!
    Double Dutch Espresso 2194 Frederick Douglass Boulevard (corner of 118st. and 119th) Nomination: Yinon Cohen
    Lenox Coffee 60 W 129th St
    Society Coffee 2104 Fredrick Douglas Blvd. Harlem (corner of 114st.)
    Philosophy Hall 1150 Amsterdam Ave
    Cafe Jax 318 E 84th St Nomination: Tal Rabin
  New York- Brooklyn Cafe Grumpy 193 merserole Av. Greenpoint Brooklyn
    Outpost 1014 Fulton St.
    Cocoa Bar 228 7th Ave, Brooklyn Nomination: Andy Schotter
    Kos Kaffe 251 5th Ave, Brooklyn Nomination: Andy Schotter
    Vineapple Cafe 71 Pineapple Street, Brooklyn Nomination: Jack Tang
    Tea Lounge
837 Union Street (bet. 6th and 7th Av.)
    Second Stop Cafe 524 Lorimer St
(bet: Powers St & Ainslie St)
Nomination: Huong Ngo
  Northampton (MA) Woodstar Cafe
60 Masonic St. Nomination: Chase Harrison
    Haymarket Cafe 185 Main St. Nomination: Chase Harrison
    Northampton Coffee 269 Pleasant St. Nomination: Chase Harrison
  Northfield (MN) Goodbye Blue
319 Division St. Near Carleton College and St. Olaf College. Nomination: William McClung.
  Palo Alto (Stanford U.) Coupa Cafe 538 Ramona St. in Palo Alto. Nomination: Ran Abramitzky
    Douce France 855 El Camino Real Nomination: Ran Abramitzky
    Cafe Venetia 419 Univeristy Av. Palo Alto Nomination: Ayala Arad
    The Prolific Oven 550 Waverley St.
Nomination: Yael Sharvit
    Happy Donuts 3916 El Camino Real, Palo Alto Nomination: Rion Snow
  Philadelphia La Colombe Torrefaction 130 S 19th St. Nomination: Aureo de Paula
    Good Carma Cafe 331 S 22nd St Numination: David Dillenberger
    Ultimo Coffee 1900 S. 15th St. Numination: Dan Zeltzer
  Pittsburgh Crazy Mocha 207 Oakland Ave (heart of Pitt) Nomination: Adam Shear
    Esperesso a Mano 3623 Butler St. Nomination: Alistair Wilson
    Tazza D'Oro 1125 North Highland Av. Nomination: Alistair Wilson
    Tazza D'Oro Gates Center 3rd Floor
Computer Science, Forbes Av.
    Big Dog Coffee 2717 Sarah St. Nomination: Alistair Wilson
    Jitters Cafe 5541 Walnut St.
Nomination: Jack Stecher
  Portsmouth Breaking New Grounds 14 Market Sq. Nomination: Shir Arad
  Princeton Small World Cafe 14 Witherspoon
    The Halo Pub 9 Hullfish Street
Nomination: David Bellos
  Providence (RI) (Brown U.) Coffee Exchange    207 Wickenden st watch the poster there:
    Small Point Café 230 Westminster St. Nomination: Kfir and Noa Eliaz
  Rochester (NY) Starry nites cafe 696 University Avenue
    SpoT Cafe 200 East Ave
  Rochester (VT) Sandy's Book & Bakery 30 North Main Street
  San Diego Caffe Calabria 3933 30th Street Nomination: Amir Barnea
    The Art of Espresso University of California San Diego main campus, Mandeville Center Nomination: Stephan Lange
    Lestat's Coffee House 3343 Adams Avenue Nomination: Stephan Lange
  San Fransisco Ritual Roasters 1026 Valencia St. Nomination: Rion Snow
    The Red Victorian 1665 Haight Street Nomination: Stephan List
    YakiniQ Cafe 1640 Post St. Nomination: Ayala Arad
    Creek Cafe 968 Valencia
    Sugarlump 2862 24th Street
Nomination: Ori Heffetz
    Sightglass Coffee 270 Seventh Street
Nomination: Tal Niv
    Coffee Bar 1890 Bryant st. Nomination: Tal Niv
    Cafe Sapore 790 Lombard Street Nomination: Andrew Carlson
    The Summit 780 Valencia
  San Luis Obispo (CA) Scout Coffee
1130 Garden St
Nomination: Raymond Riezman
    Bella Mundo
980 Monterey St
Nomination: Raymond Riezman
  Santa-Barbara (CA) French Press
1101 State St.
Nomination: Raymond Riezman
  Santa-Cruz (CA) Lulu's at the Octagon
At the Museum of Art and History, 118 Cooper St
Nomination: Sean Crockett
  Santa-Fe Aztec Street Coffee House 317 Aztec St.
    Ecco 105 E Mercy
Nomination: Willemien Kets
  Savannah (GA) Gallery Espresso 234 Bull Street @ Cheppawa Square Nomination: Ray Falk
    The Sentient Bean 13 W Park Avenue Nomination: Rachel Berner
  Seattle Cafe Allegro Espresso 4214 University Way Nomination: Bruce Johnsen
    University Zoka 2901 NE Blakeley Street Nomination: Navanit Arakeri
    Bauhaus 301 E Pine Nomination: Nicole Immorlica
  St. Louis Meshuggah Cafe 6269 Delmar Blvd Nomination: by Francesco Carli
    Kayak's Coffee 270 N. Skinker Blvd. Nomiantion: Sandip Agarwal
  State College (Penn State) Webster's Bookstore Cafe 133 E. Beaver Av. Ed Green + Vijay Krishna 2006    the old place
    Ritorno Odengatan 80 Nomination: Erik Mohlin
  Syracuse (NY) Cafe Cubal 720 University Ave.
Nomination: Marco Battaglini
  Tallahassee (Fl) Atomic Cafe 625 West Tennessee St.
Nomination: David Cooper
  Tucson Cartel Coffee Lab 2502 N Campbell Ave
    Caffe Luce 943 E University Blvd # 191
  Urbana Champaign (IL) Cafe Kopi 109 N.Walnut
  Washington D.C. Kramer Book Stores 1517 Connecticut Ave NW
    Tryst 2459 18th Street Nomination: Andrew Carlson
    Mocha Hut 4706 14th St NW Nomination: Ori Heffetz
1939 14th St. NW Nomination: Ori Heffetz
Vietnam Hanoi Joma in Hanoi 54 To Ngoc Van, Tay Ho Nomination: Dick de Koning