Ariel Rubinstein,   Tel Aviv University

                                              Design and Programming: Eli Zvuluny

Click to watch the lecture as given in Gerogetown, Novemebr 2003

The lecture includes critical comments on the meaning of Game Theory as well as personal reflections on
Game Theory, the story of John Nash, and the recent film 'A Beautiful Mind'.
In preparation for the lecture, teh audience is asked to spend a few minutes responding to some
"problems" presented at a specially designed page. Some statistics on the results of this exercise
are presented in the lecture (though individual answers will remain confidential).

Lecture Page

(just for demonstration!)

Logo Country Date Poster Comments # of responders


Beer Sheva Univeristy Israel 7 May 02     126
Tel Aviv Unviersity Israel 29 May 02     417
Tilburg Univeristy Netherlands 20 Nov 02 click   655
Technion, Haifa Israel 11 Dec 02     177
LSE, London UK 4 Feb 03   Independent 680
UBC, Vancouver Canada 18 Sept 03     396
Georgetown, Wahsington USA 6 Nov 03   The Hoya 420
Sabanci Universty, Istanbul Turkey 9 Jan 04 click   576
York Universty, Toronto Canada 29 Jan 04 click   298
UTCC Bangkok Thailand 22 Feb 06 click




Flagler College USA 6 Oct 06 click


University of Connecticut USA 15 Feb 07     300 +