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Personal pictures

193? My mother at home
1932 my mother's protrait
193? my mother and a friend
1935 my mother arrives to palestine (April 1st, 1935)
193? my mother on Isa Bracha 11's roof
193? My mother at Tel Aviv beach
1947 My father (with cigarrete)  buys bread in a curfew in Jerusalem
1926? My father in the Polish army  
1929 My father becomes a buchalter
Nov 07 Michal+Me
May 05 Michal (photo: yuval)
Dec 92 Peace Now demonstration (Tel Aviv) 


2001 photo:  Yuval Rubinstein
1968 My highschool photo or  My highschool photo (a larger photo)


Jan 06 Tolaat Sfarim
May 04

Peace Now Demonstration (Tel Aviv)

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