A seminar in Economic Theory (and related topics),  Fall 2002   Ended

Ariel Rubinstein

This is a "private" seminar meant to be a forum of discussing Economic Theory and related topics.

Meeting time:   Thursday 18:15 -19:45.

Place:  Berglas    101

Fields :  5 speakers are economic theorists and 5 are from Zoology, Psy, Math, Law and CS.

Number Date Speaker Topic
1 31/10 Rani Spiegler (Economics, TAU)   "Simplicity of Beliefs and Delay Tactics in a Concession Game"
2 7/11 Noam Nisan (CS, Hebrew) "Rationality as a Paradigm for Internet Computing"
3 14/11 Nira Liberman (Psychology, TAU) "Theory Construal of Intertemporal Evaluation and Choice"   paper1  paper2
4 28/11 Aner Sela (Economics, Beer-7)  "Contest Architecture" (joint with Benni Modevano)
5  5/12 Yuval Salant (Math, Hebrew U.) "Limited Resources favors Rationality"
6 12/12 Asher Wolinsky (Economics, Northwestern)  "A simple model of wage"
7 26/12 Muhamet Yildiz (Economics, MIT)  "Walrasian Bargaining"    
8 2/1 Kfir Eliaz (Economics, NYU) "AIDS Policy and Psychology: An Implementation Theoretic Approach" (joint with Andy Caplin)
9 9/1 Arnon Lotem (Zoology TAU) "Parent-offspring communication, stability, honesty and learning"  paper    background paper
10 16/1    Canceled Ariel Porat (Law, TAU) "Anti Insurance" (joint with Bob Cooter)