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Models of Persuasion (Rosenthal's Lecture)

My Personal Journey in the Wonderland of Neuroeconomics
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"On Committees"

"An Int. to the Economics of the Jungle"

 Studying Economics for 1st Degree?

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Competition for the attention of a "problem solver", with Kobi Glazer. pdf

The People's Perspective on Libertarian-Paternalistic Policies, with Ayala Arad. pdf

 Back to Fundamentals: Abstract Competitive Equilibrium, with Michael Richter. pdf

A Typology of Players: between Instinctive and Contemplative. pdf

Isn't everyone like me?": On the presence of self-similarity in strategic interactions, with Yuval Salant. pdf

Some introspective papers

"Comments of NeuroEconomics"

"A Skeptic Comment on the Studies of Economics"

Freak-Freakonomics   Heb Spanish

"Dilemmas of An Economic Theorist"

  The growin tree of (AEA) Knowledge (2013-4, "the artist": me)

  My Experienced Advice to Grads in Econ. (2012)

An Interview on EconTalk (2011)

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On the existence of competitive price

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My mottos for economists

(1) "I have not seen any paper in Economics
which deserves more than 15 pages
(probably even 10)".

(2) "A paper in Economics which is not rejected
should not be published".

(3) Q:Candidates for Phd in Econ. ask me:
Why should we study at the Heb U. or NYU
although we were admitted to Harvard?"     

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