The following pictures and documents are remains from the families of

Yehuda Rubinstein (my father) and Lea Fainsod (my mother)

All members of the families in these pictures (except my mother and father) died in Poland, 1941-1944.

Pictures from Bialistok 2004  

My father's family
Israel Meir Rubinstein in Pinkas Byalistok
My father and his sisters (1925)   back of the picture
Dvorah Rubinstein
My aunt Lea Rubinstein's grave in Volkovisk  1938-2004
My grandfather, Israel Meir's, article in HAHED (1936) and the front page of HAHED (1936)

Testimony Pages Regarding my Father's Immediate family: His father Israel Meir and his daughters

Dvorah, Sarah and Shifra.


Itzchak-Leib Fainsod
Fainsod's family (Itzchak-Leib, Bashe, Yakale (their son), his wife Hanah Karsovsky and their daughter Bella)
Baruch Fainsod
Sara Fainsod
Sara + Bella (her daughter)
Bella Ratner 1936 (the daughter of Sara)
Bella Ratner (the daughter of Sara)

The pictures of my father-my mother as found in a picture holding hiding Bella's picture

Bella, Sara and Wolf Ratner
A Red Cross message sent from my mother in Jerusalem to her sister Sara in Warsaw announcing her wedding (1941) and

her sister's response from Warsaw's Ghetto (1942)

Testimony Pages signed by my mother:

My mother's Parents: Leibel Fajnsod and Bashe Fink and their children (and grand children):

Baruch (and Faigel), Eli (and Rachel Fuksman, and their children Moshe, Gdalyahu, Chaya, Dvorah and David) , Sarah (and Wolf Ratner and their daughter Bela) and Yaakov (and Chana Krasovski, and their children Bella and David).

The vote to the Russian Duma, 1912
Srol Meir Rubinstein in the voters list
Itsko Leib Fiensod in the voters list