Rani Spiegler

Academic celebration of his 35 Birthday

Paamey Etzion (Composer: Rani )

In 2007 we will celebrate Rani's 35th birthday by discussing the man and his contributions to our intellectual life.

Concert: Rani's Hero (click to listen)

"Mostly Igor Stravinsky"

At this point we look for... sponsors. Please don't be shy and offer your help in organizing the intellectual event of the decade.

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Yona Rubinstein (Tel Aviv University): "Rani, the Future (and presence) of Labor Economics"

Yona, a constant source of inspiration for Rani. Note: Rani's handwriting on the board is from a previous class.  Yona does not dare to erase Rani's message even when he speaks about sex.

Yona's secret

Rani, a Natural Leader, Leads his Exhausted Troops Retreating from

Kfir Eliaz (NYU): "Secrets of coauthorship with Rani"

Kfir,  Rani's close friend. Here in a typical dress:

Kobi Glazer: (Tel Aviv and BU) "Spiegler , A Charlatan or just a Quack? A Health Economist's Perspective"

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Eddie Dekel has announced that for the first time in the history of , a special issue of this journal will be devoted to the man and the conference.

The Young Generation

The young generation admires Rani as well.

Ayala Arad

(currently an RA of Rani at TAU) will speak on Rani's masterpiece "Raymond as an illustration of Rani's employer-employee relations."

Gil Kalai Rani's coauthor will add jerusalem spirit  to the event

Ariel Rubinstein (Tel Aviv University at the moment) will talk on:  "Why should we NOT organize such a conference?"

Sendhil Mullainathan (Harvard) "Behavioral Economics without Rani" (to be confirmed)

Trip:   Rachel


Museun .

Organizing Committee: Ariel Rubinstein (chair and webmaster), Kfir Eliaz, Yona Rubinstein (not a relative of the chair)  


The code of dress:

Black Tie

Or like in this picture of Hugo Sonnenschein and Ariel Rubinstein