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My mottos for economists

(1) "I have not seen any paper in Economics which deserves more than 15 pages (probably even 10)".

(2) "A paper in Economics which is not rejected should not be published".

(3) Candidates for Phd in Econ. ask me:
"Why should we study at NYU
although we were admitted to Harvard?"  

My answer :

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Most Recent Papers

Beyond Pairwise Stability: Unilateral Stability in the Roommate Problem, with Michael Richter. pdf

People Aggregating Signals:
An Experiment and a Short Story.

with Michele Piccione. pdf

People Making Predictions Based on Data:
Holistic and Atomistic Procedures.
with Jacob Glazer. pdf

Equilibrium in a Civilized Jungle.
with Kemal Yildiz. pdf

An étude in Modeling the Definability of Equilibrium.
with Kemal Yildiz. pdf

Holding a Group Together: Non-game-theory vs. Game-theory.
with Michael Richter. pdf

Story Builders.
with Jacob Glazer. pdf

Biased Preferences Equilibrium.
with Asher Wolisnky. pdf

The permissible and the forbidden,
with Michael Richter. pdf

Introspective papers, audios and videos:

2021-22 Marshall Lecture Interview

2022: The Marshall Society: Reflections of a Story Teller

Behavioral Science Uncovered - Podcast Episode (2020)

Dilemmas of An Economic Theorist"

An Interview on EconTalk (2011)

Comments on Economic Models, Economics and Economists: Remarks on Economics Rules by Dani Rodrik. pdf

Other Recent Papers

"Convex Preferences": a new definition, with Michael Richter. pdf

Multi-dimensional Reasoning in Games: Framework, Equilibrium and Applications, with Ayala Arad. pdf

Coordinating with a "Problem Solver", with Kobi Glazer. pdf

The People's Perspective on Libertarian-Paternalistic Policies, with Ayala Arad. pdf

NYU - Beer and Cheese

  My Experienced Advice to Grads in Econ. (2012)

  My obsession with cafes: a self-interview (2015)

 Experiments: Didactic Website

Me on myself (Hebrew)


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My obsession with cafes: a self-interview (Beer & Cheese NYU2015)

An interview in About NYU

12/12/2015: My Dream Comes True -- I am reaching the Indian coffee House, Kolkata.

In the late Cafe Tamar, Tel Aviv : photo: Shlomit Carmel.

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Lecture Videos

The Marshall Lecture 2021-2

Models of Persuasion (Rosenthal's Lecture)

A Journey in the Wonderland of Neuroeconomics
Warwick  Hebrew Univ Moscow


  Directions in Modeling Bounded Rationality video

Heb Academic Videos

"On Committees"

"An Int. to the Economics of the Jungle"

 Studying Economics for 1st Degree?

   A radio-lecture on Game Theory

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In 1976 I worked as a m1ddle-school teacher:

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In 1977-9 I taught Math for Economists as a graduate student at the Hebrew Univ. The output were two books in Hebrew:

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