Micro Economics Theory NYU Fall 2009 Ariel Rubinstein











Microeconomic Theory I:

Introduction to Models of Rational Choice

Ariel Rubinstein

Lecture Notes

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Ariel Rubinstein      

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Office hours: Wed 14:30-15:30

TA Luiza Gueller Zardin

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Office hours: Mon 3-4 (721)

ClassTue 9:30-11:30

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Economics 517
Lab Tue 15:50-17:50  60 5th Ave, room 165.

Plan of course

# Date Topic Comments Solution
 1   L1: Introduction/Preferences



L2: Utility

 3   (end of L2) L3: Choice Debreu Theorem  
 4   L3: Choice Chapter 3 (modified)  


 6    L4: Consumer's preferences    
 7   L5: Demand    
8   Demand, L6: Indirect Utility    
 9   Dual Problem    
10   L7: Producer    
11   L8: Expected Utility    
12   L9: Risk aversion    
13   L10: Social Choice    
14   Exam     
Recommended Books

I very strongly recommend Kreps' new book:

David Kreps:  Microeconomic Foundations I: Choice and Competitive Markets, Princeton University Press, 2012.

Secondary recommendation:

Andreu Mas-Colell, Michael D. Whinston, Jerry R. Green:  Microeconomic Theory, Oxford University Press, 1995.

Course Material

Downloading material (besides the lecture notes) requires a "user name" and a "password" given in class.



The exam on this part of the course will take place on THURSDAY Oct 22nd 09:00-12:00.

Previous Exams exam solution TA   First Class Last Class
Princeton 1997 --- Ronny Razin LSE    
Princeton 1998 solution Wojciech Olszewski Northwestern    
Princeton 1999 --- Attila Ambrus Duke    
Princeton 2000 solution Andrea Wilson Wisconsin    
Princeton 2001 solution Haluk Ergin Berkeley    
Princeton 2002 solution Daisuke Nakajima Michigan    
NYU 2003  solution Sophie Bade Royal Holloway
NYU 2004  solution Anna Ingster Auburn University    
NYU 2005  solution Gil Riella UnB (Brazil)    
NYU 2006  solution Ozgur Evren New Economics School    
NYU 2007 solution Ryan Booth Analysis Group
NYU 2008 solution Avital Shamir TENE Investment Funds large large
NYU 2009  solution Sevgi Yukse      
NYU 2010 solution Sevgi Yukse UC Santa Barbara  


NYU 2011 solution Bernard Herskovic UCLA Anderson    
NYU 2012 solution Mi Luo Emory University  
NYU 2013 solution Andrew McClellan Tufts Univeristy



NYU 2014 solution Rumen Kostadinov  
NYU 2015 solution Dong Wei  
NYU 2016 solution Dmitry Sorokin  
NYU 2017 solution Luiza Gueller Zardin  



Just for me: additional tasks  (will be assigned later)
Before Lecture Task Links
Lecture 1  

Before the lecture do exp11. For Shepard scale listen to:


Lecture 4 --- set 1 of pre-class questions
Lecture 6   Speed of Turtle
Lecture 8 --- set 2 of pre-class questions