Ariel Rubinstein; An Introduction to GAME THEORY for Law and Philiosophy Students, Fall 2004 Ariel Rubisntein Introduction to Game Theory for Law and Philiosophy Students

Int. to Game Theory for Law and Philosophy Students                         Ariel Rubinstein

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Number 1411-6572-01
Period Fall 2004
Lecturer Ariel Rubinstein  (office: 640-9601) 
Plan We will study the basic concepts of Game Theory.   We will approach the theory and its applications from a critical angle.  We will discuss some examples of applications to Law and Philosophy.
Time Thu 19:00-20:45 (six classes will end at 20:45 to compensate for the one  lecture which I have missed)
Room 102
Teaching Assistant  Irina Weissbrot    Office hour: Wednesday, 17:15-18:15, room 323, Minkoff building.
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Books There is no specific book to be used.  You might be interested to look at--

Douglas G. Baird, Robert H. Gertner and Randal C.Picker,  "Game Theory and the :Law", Harvard Univeristy Press, 1994.

A good book with very little Math: Avinash Dixit and Suasan Skeath "Games of Startegy", Norton, 1999.

Exams (OPEN BOOKS!) A) 16.02.2005    15:00

B)  22.05.2005    09:00  (no additional terms....)

Old Exams  1999a   1999b 

Requirements Students will be required to participate in Pre-Class Experiments online and to solve regularly After-Class Problems.   All students must hold a valid e-mail address.

Post-class Problems
# Topic Comments Final Date Solution
1 Preferences You will need the following link: Ended solution
2 Expected Utility   Ended solution
3 Nash Equilibrium   Ended solution
4 Nash Equilibrium You will need the links


Ended solution
5 Mixed Strategy Nash Equilibrium You can train yourself using Ended solution
6 Zero Sum games and Baysean Games You will need the following links: and

7 Extensive Games --
8 Extensive Games II --
Ended solution
9 Extensive Games III --
Ended solution

Pre-class Problems
# Topic Comments Final Date
1 Preferences You can just watch it by clicking the group: "test" Ended
2 Set #1 (decision theory) Your course number is 450 Ended
3 The "generals game" Your Group is : "law-ta" Ended
4 Set #2 (int. to games) Your course number is 450 Ended
5 Zug o' Peret (play against the machine) Just insert your e-mail  Ended
6 Set #3 (some strategic game) In this set you will have to view a clip from the movie Beautiful Mind

7 Set #4 (zero sum games) Ended
8 Set #5 (extensive games) Your course number is 450 Ended
9 Set #6 (ultimatum games) Your course number is 450 Ended
10 Set #7 (variety) Your course number is 450 Ended

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